TubesToday was founded with the purpose of putting children’s needs first. Placing ear tubes is one of the most common and simple procedures performed in children. We believe that it should be a convenient and expedited service and yet, too often, it involves wasted time and unnecessary burdens on busy parents and anxious children. A 30-minute procedure can turn into multiple appointments spread out over multiple weeks, causing an increase of stress on parents as their child continues to suffer from fever, restless nights, hearing loss, and pain. TubesToday is here to change that.

With our help, children obtain their necessary ear tubes in a matter of days instead of several weeks. You choose the board-certified ENT surgeon, the surgical center, and the date and time of the surgery. Immediately, you will receive a confirmation email and your surgeon will be notified. Over the next several days, the ENT office will obtain the necessary referrals and contact you to confirm your child’s surgery. We understand that medical procedures involving your child can be nerve-wracking. At TubesToday, our mission is to take the stress out of this common procedure, so you and your child can get back to your normal life.

When it comes to the health and happiness of your child, don’t put up with the run-around. Contact TubesToday at 804-251-8044!